Case Study – Sheffield City Council – Modern™ Polling

In May 2018 the Modern™ Polling platform was successfully used by Sheffield City Council for the fourth consecutive year. With the aim of transforming election day administration, Modern™ Polling was the first introduction of digital technology of its kind into polling stations in the UK. Its delivery of a secure, efficient election day and ability to provide real time visibility and insight to inform future elections, has earned it the 2018 Gold Innovation Award for transforming public service delivery.

The Challenge: Transforming the Traditional Administration of Polling day

Throughout their years of experience in the electoral services industry, Modern Democracy saw a real problem faced by local councils and Election Managers. Namely, their struggle with paper-based systems of polling day administration. These systems were at their best slow, inefficient and unsecured, and at their worst, risked denying poll goers their right to vote.

In 2014 Modern Democracy set out to work in conjunction with Sheffield City Council to understand how the delivery of Election Day could be improved and utilised by, what would be, the first ever introduction of digital technology of this type into UK polling stations.

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