The Canvasser Module provides a mobile solution to help support you to manage your canvass and canvassers in a more cost-effective manner with real time information, replacing paper based forms which means that you have more control, instant information, reduces printing costs and decreases the risk of losing paper based forms.

Key Benefits

1. Increased Efficiency: Canvassers have their route planned for them, this cuts down in time spent planning a route and arranging paper forms

2. Canvasser safety and accountability: real time information on the location of your canvassers

3. Increased Efficiency: with just one visit multiple processes can be dealt with providing auditable evidence of election compliance

4. Increased Accountability: record and obtain important information on the doorstep

5. Increased Security: no data saved on the device, all uploaded in real-time, canvassers and properties can be removed remotely using the management screen