Poll Manager

The Modern Democracy Platform provides a digital mechanism to deliver efficiencies, reduce costs and improve transparency to transform your electoral service delivery.

The Poll Station Manager Module provides a mobile solution to help support you to manage your preparation and administration of electoral activities, providing you with constant visibility, consistent delivery and real time information, which means that you have more control, reduced risk and improved efficiency during a time critical period.

Key Benefits

Key benefits
1. Increased Efficiency: Live interaction between Election Manger and staff which means that you have real time information that allows management of election day process more efficiently.

2. Time Saving: Election manager can see all issues at a glance which means that you focus your time on the high priority issues.

3. Improved Communication: Real time updates ensure that important information can be relayed instantly which means that you have an easy and cost effective method of communication to all staff.

4. Reduced Risk: Up to date information on what is currently occurring at each poll station reducing risk of problems manifesting.

5. Improved Transparency: Features such as accurate real time reporting on turnout, electronic ballot paper accounts and the ability to capture photographs ensures that a fully transparent audit trail is always available.