The Voter Information Solution provides a mobile solution to help support you to manage your communication and voter information dissemination using innovative methods to help meet your KPI’s, which means that you will save time, money and resources.

Key Benefits

1. Improved Transparency: System generated reporting clearly provides measurement of activities utilised to meet KPI’s.

2. Improved Communication: Ease of use when adding and removing content from the solution which means that you have enhanced control over what content is available.

3. Time Saving: The content you decide to display through the solution is easy to set up which means that time and effort is saved.

4. Increased Efficiency: Using effective and innovative methods to communicate with electorate provides enhanced control of content you chose to disseminate with voters and the solution will help you meet your performance standards.

5. Cost Saving: The module uses digital dissemination of information which means that money is saved from the utilisation of traditional media methods.