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NILGA takes place on the 20th February at Belfast’s Crowne Plaza Hotel with the key theme of ‘the Future of Local Government’. Over the day, speakers will touch on the many challenges and opportunities facing local government and we’ve been asked to take part in a panel discussion.

NILGA is the voice of local government and NILGA 2020 is a key event and an opportunity to network with and share knowledge, skills and ideas right here in our own backyard. We’ve been travelling extensively across the UK, talking to election managers and local authorities about the challenges they face in a policy landscape that continues to change and where demands continue to grow. So we’re delighted to get the opportunity to see how these kinds of issues affect local councils and how our experience and knowledge can help them to transform their own elections management.

The conference is an opportunity to identify the investment, actions and policies councils play, along with their partners, in shaping the future of our communities, environment and economy.

Elections management is ripe for this kind of approach and more than ready for digital transformation. We’re already proving that across the UK, running pilots and developing bespoke solutions for a number of local authorities. In the UK 2019 General Election, our Modern Polling software was used in 143 polling stations.

The 11 councils across Northern Ireland face the same kinds of challenges when it comes to elections management, with teams under pressure to deliver in short time frames and in the most cost-effective way. Our Modern Polling software not only transforms the pen and paper process, making it more accurate and enhancing security, it also reduces the time it takes to process each voter and captures insightful management information that gives polling station oversight in real time and can inform better use of resources in the future.

Northern Ireland of course also has many remote and rural polling stations and our innovative software takes this into account too, as it also works offline. In fact, it’s designed to be completely failsafe, meaning it’s 100% reliable in any circumstances. We’ve also incorporated military grade cyber security technology and ensured Modern Polling is compatible with existing EMS.

We look forward to sharing more about our exciting new and award-winning polling software and would be happy to answer any questions you have – just keep an eye out for the Modern Democracy team on the day.

We look forward to seeing you at NILGA 2020!