The Future of Polling Station Management:
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Returning Officers and Electoral Service Managers have been under pressure for a long time: now the pandemic has put the issues you face into sharp focus. Modern Democracy has always been an agent for positive change and so we’re taking this opportunity to host a series of Webinars that focus on the challenges you face and the opportunities for safe, secure, positive polling that we can deliver together. You’ll also hear from local authorities who are already reaping the benefits of Modern Polling, the Digital Poll Clerk.

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COVID – Managing Risk on Election Day

Tuesday 19th January at 10:30-11:00am (GMT)

In this session, Karen Wiles, Head of Legal & Governance at Aberdeenshire Council will be sharing her experiences of managing the risk during Election day.  Karen has recently delivered a by-election in Aberdeenshire and will be talking through the COVID measures implemented and providing insights into how well they worked. 

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The Future of Polling Day is Already Here 

This has already taken place

Find out how Modern Polling has already transformed election delivery for Terry Stanley, Democratic Services Business Unit Leader at Mid Sussex District Council and hear how Andrew Tiffin, Election & Registration Manager, at Hart District Council plans to use the solution across all his Polling Stations in May 2021.   Our solution is tried, tested and trusted by the Cabinet Office.

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Reducing Risk on Polling Day in a Covid Environment 

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Hear how Modern Polling, the Digital Poll Clerk, can address many of the pressure points you face in election delivery next year, help to mitigate risks to staff and voters, manage polling station teams and multiple combined elections.  Gordon Amos from Watford Borough Council shares his experience of using Modern Polling, the Digital Poll Clerk.

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Reducing Risk on Polling Day in a Covid Environment (Wales) 

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If you want to hear how John Pearson, Local Democracy Manager, from Monmouthshire County Council plans to expand his recent successful trial, please get in touch with us.