Harnessing digital solutions to transform the General Election polling day

1st March 2024

Harnessing digital solutions to transform the General Election polling day

By Andy Tiffin, Elections Manager (retired) at Hart District Council for 20 years, former AEA Chair and Board member for 7 years.

In our profession, reputation and trust matter. A reputation for delivering, regardless of the challenges. A record for developing innovative solutions for problems. Being seen as a specialist, knowledgeable and dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. Experience makes a difference.

All the above sums up the elections community and what we all search for in those that we partner with when we run polls.

As we hurtle towards delivering the most challenging poll of them all, the UK Parliamentary General Election, we are all searching for ways to reduce the risks of delivery, especially as this will be the first UKPGE delivered since the 2022 Elections Act came into force.

You are all on a mission to discover and partner with suppliers that share your values and have the same deep understanding of the electoral process as you have. Suppliers that will enhance your confidence in your ability to deliver a successful polling day.

Modern Democracy and its Modern Polling digital platform, which provides a polling station management portal and supports digital registration and automatic reporting, have already been discovered and adopted by more than 45 election teams across the UK who recognise just how important having dedicated elections specialists onboard is.

Just look at what they say about us and how they could not risk going back to manual processes:


“I was delighted with the way the system worked on the day and the support provided in the lead up to the election and on polling day.” Heather Blanshard, Electoral Services Manager, Wealden District Council.

“I think if I did try to deliver my polls next year using paper registers and paper CNLs, the staff that worked this year would possible cause a riot.” 

Graeme Jesty, Head of Electoral Services, Gosport Borough Council.

Modern Polling is a proven system that has been developed by a team that has decades of experience in supporting and delivering elections at the front line of our profession. A team that has their entire focus on the delivery of the best polling day solution. A team that has worked with DHLUC and its predecessors since 2017.

Developing a product that has been purpose-built to be the ultimate polling station solution. Set apart as the market’s sole dedicated product that seamlessly combines operational and financial efficiencies to enhance your electoral delivery process. A product our customers have shown can reduce the numbers of polling staff you need – so important when recruitment challenges are harder than ever. And with confirmation from the Electoral Claims Unit that those staff savings can now be offset against the cost of our solution and claimed, there has never been a better time to de risk, save money and get onboard.

Because when the General happens, you’ll want experience to be on your side. To find out more, click one of the options below.