We have a proven track record in enhancing the voter experience through technology designed in partnership with our customers

Take Control, Today
Modern Polling

Our award-winning Modern Polling solution has been used by local authorities throughout the UK to improve voter experience and give greater control and visibility of polling stations on election- day.

Our secure, fully compliant, cloud-based platform is cost effective, easy to deploy and streamlines manual election processes for the voter and the elections team.

Take Control, Today

Product Features

  • Online Register

  • Online Corresponding Number List

  • Online dashboard for Accurate Reports and Statistics

  • Automated Ballot Paper Accounting

  • View of all Marked Registers, CNLs and Ballot Paper Accounts

  • Staff Management Tool

  • Operational Offline

  • Compatible with all Electoral Management System Providers

Belt & Braces Security Built-In

Modern Polling has been tested by Government to ensure it meets the high standards required to transform election processes. With our comprehensive uptime guarantees, strong authentication, multi-layered encryption, your data is always safe, secure and available.

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