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We have a proven track record in enhancing the voter experience through technology designed in partnership with our customers

Take Control, Today

Ever found yourself thinking there has to be a simpler, more efficient way to run polling day?

If you’ve felt weighed down by mountains of paper, exasperated by barriers to communication between core teams and overloaded by the burden of organising an election, then the answer is probably a weary ‘yes… I do’.

This is where we can help.

Modern Polling

We have designed the Modern Polling™ suite of tools to make polling day easier to plan and easier to manage.  See how we can help you take control of the process for maximum optimal outcomes.

Take Control, Today

Belt & braces security built-in

Our Modern™ Platform has been tested by Government to ensure it meets the high standards required to transform democratic and election processes.  With our comprehensive uptime guarantees, strong authentication, multi-layered encryption, your data is always safe, always secure and always available when you need it.

Take Control, Today

Take Control

Our Modern™ platform allows you to prepare for every kind of electoral activity AND access constant visibility, consistent delivery and real time information. In simple terms, you have maximum control with minimum risk when planning and managing a successful polling day.


  • Elector Check-In

  • Station Management

  • Realtime Management Information

  • Realtime Communications

  • Analytics

  • Guaranteed Uptime

  • Business Hours Support


  • All Basic Features


  • Data Escrow

  • Comprehensive Guaranteed Uptime

  • Extended Support Hours


  • All Standard Features


  • Personalised Training

  • Tablet Management

  • User Management

  • Weekend Support Hours

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