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Our Customers

We work with a range of customers across Public and Private sectors, always applying the same customer driven approach to ensure your successful delivery of democratic processes

Delivering innovative but intuitive solutions in the election space requires clarity and focus. Modern Democracy’s approach and support gives our team the control to perform with real visibility and confidence.

Gordon Amos, Electoral Services Manager, Watford Borough Council

The Modern Democracy platform gave us a more in-depth oversight of polling station activity on election day. Being able to see the build-up of postal votes handed in at polling stations and to triage polling station issues by priority enabled us to better direct inspectors and other resources.

Ian Buckle, Head of Electoral and Democratic Services, London Borough of Waltham Forest

The company is modern and forward thinking in regard to election planning and democratic engagement.  I would recommend their customer first approach to product delivery.

Helen DM McPhee, BSc, MRICS, Electoral Registration Officer, Ayrshire Valuation Joint Board

Modern Democracy’s deep understanding of the election process, including security and compliance requirements, was a critical factor leading Kodak Alaris to select them as a partner.  Their expertise is a perfect complement to ours as a provider to intelligent capture and advanced information management solutions.

Johannes Weirich, Global Category Manager, Kodak Alaris

What makes Modern Democracy truly valuable is the experience and knowledge they bring to the table.

Susan Wright AEA(Cert), Electoral Services Manager, Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council

Modern Democracy provides innovative solutions to help with electoral administration.  But they didn’t just provide a technical solution.  They listened to our requirements and adapted the technology to give us a best fit solution.

John Tomlinson, Electoral Services Manager, Sheffield City Council