As a council CEO, you can reduce risk AND workload AND deliver a better experience for voters. Here’s how…

Modern Democracy - Modern Polling Elections

Fundamentally, election day processes are still largely based on 19th century technology: paper and pencils.  So, whilst the way in which we exercise our vote continues to come under constant scrutiny, there are many aspects of the election process that could be digitised and which should be looked at more closely. 

It’s hard to imagine how any other complex project, that has so many stakeholders and which attracts such scrutiny, could be delivered without accessing the benefits offered by modern technology. In fact, in almost every other area of public administration and private business, digital transformation is already actively driving change for the better.  

The introduction of VOTER ID offers  a real opportunity to improve the voter experience, reduce the workload of your elections team and improve accuracy.  The recent VOTER ID trials have demonstrated how the application of digital technology and, importantly, the presence of a fully on-line electoral register at polling stations, can streamline the process and make it more efficient, allowing better use of your scarce and precious resources.

The trials also demonstrated that introducing technology significantly increases the opportunities to reduce costs, reduce risk and improve efficiency.

A digital register at the Polling Station is a simple yet transformational place to start, eliminating mundane manual tasks such as printing, packing, transporting, storing and destroying  huge volumes of paper: all things that are also wasteful and contrary to all of your innovation and environmental policies. 

Imagine a dashboard giving you real time updates and visibility of turnout at every poll station with substantially reduced opportunity for human error. That dashboard gives you all the information you need to spot issues early and deal with them before they escalate.   Imagine 100% accuracy in all your close of poll reports meaning fewer delays to the count!

Stop Imagining… Start Believing, it’s here: Play the clip to discover how we’re already helped Manny Lewis,  (Managing Director of Watford Borough Council, to reimagine elections that enable better election processes and a more positive voter experience .