Getting our partners ready for polling day

27th June 2024

Getting our partners ready for polling day

By Andy Tiffin, Modern Democracy Product Ambassador

As the weeks tick by ahead of the General Election, it is a busy period for Modern Democracy and the many local authorities that have chosen us as their polling day partner.

For those opting to use an electronic poll book for the first time, it can for some seem like a daunting prospect – but we have designed our solution Modern Polling to be intuitive and easy to use, seamlessly integrating with councils’ existing election services.

Our customer support teams are here for councils throughout the year, and particularly in the lead up, and immediate aftermath, of live elections.

We are in constant contact with our customers, always on the end of a phone as they prepare for the election, but here is just some of the other activity that goes on ‘behind the scenes’ that ensures a smooth election day for local authorities across the UK that use Modern Polling:

Training – in your control at your convenience

Modern Democracy staff conducting hardware checks

All our poll clerk and election manager training are delivered online and can be taken at a time that suits you the customer, developed with input from our customers and constantly refined and updated after each election. Customers tell us that Modern Polling is so easy to use that it requires minimum training, but it's worthwhile to have all poll clerks go through our online training and get a refresher on the many benefits of Modern Polling.

The online training programme is available to all election staff and managers at our partner councils, guiding them through the entire process. From how to start up your tablet, to interacting with the platform, step-by-step from check in and verifying voters, to logging reports at the close of polls.

Additionally, we will show you exactly how the Modern Polling Platform can be used to give you total control and visibility of all your elections, across multiple sites.

Knowledge Hub

The most dynamic and easy to use information resource for Modern Polling customers. The knowledge hub combines a user manual with an intuitive search engine to allow you to quickly find the answers to all your support queries. With guidance and constantly updated support material it makes waiting for a support call almost redundant, giving you the answers for all your queries.


As we prepare for elections, absolutely nothing is left to chance – and it is not last minute. We are working throughout the year to ensure our systems are as robust and secure as possible.

Adhering to government standards, we are ISO27001:022 accredited and Cyber Essentials Plus approved, while our systems undergo annual penetration testing to safeguard security.

Our quality assurance team check every ePollbook before it leaves site..8 colleagues working behind the scenes turning every ePollbook on and checking it is configured correctly and works as expected for every individual customer...a mammoth effort but it's what we do!!!!

Modern Democracy employee in the office

Election Day

It all starts at 6am..everyone ready for action.  Support desks manned, our partners AWS on site and a dedicated team working with our technical team in our control rooms.

We actively support our customers with answers to queries and the resolution to any help desk questions that they have during the day.

But also, proactively behind the scenes we are working to monitor tablet online status and connectivity to ensure that communication issues are dealt with before they can become a problem. You may never need to call us, but we are always there working with you.

We know that at 10pm, getting those Ballot Paper Accounts to our customers count venues, rapidly and accurately is all that matters, and we make sure that our technical support teams are always on site until every Ballot Paper Account is safely in the hands of the Count management teams at venues up and down the country.

Scenario planning

Elections experts, Modern Democracy was established a decade ago, but our team had been working in the sector long before that. There is a lot that can happen on election day, and we have seen it all!

Each scenario from power outages to loss of Wi-Fi has been considered and planned for. As elections approach, we revisit these plans ensuring everything is in place to allow the smooth running of elections across thousands of polling stations in our partner councils.

Find out more about what some of our customers have to say about the impact Modern Polling has had on their elections preparations here or talk to us about how we can help take the stress from your election day.