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Introducing our new webinar series for 2021

Now that our Modern Polling Solution is tried and tested in the market and supported by an expert team who have consulted widely with election managers and so understand the issues you face, we’re well placed to answer your questions about running election events at this critical time.

In our COVID world, many election events have been delayed, making 2021 an even more critical year for local authorities across the UK and around the world. The pressure has never been greater and comes on top of the issues election managers have been facing for many years.

In 2021, and as a trusted supplier, the Modern Democracy team are focused on deploying Modern Polling on behalf of an increasing number of local authorities who recognise the benefits of our digital solution for their teams and the electorate.

But we’re also dedicated to helping all electoral administrators to manage risk by sharing our insight, useful information and expert knowledge to help you to deliver elections that are mission critical.

If you took part in our 2020 webinar series, we hope you found the information to be useful if not invaluable. Our 2021 webinar series will help to build your knowledge further, give you an insight into the issues and solutions, and an opportunity to ask any questions about Election day management.

Over the next three months, we’ll be:

  • Hearing from prospective customers about their reasons for exploring the benefits of our Modern Polling solution and their confidence in it.
  • Discovering what drives the Modern Democracy team and the brand to deliver better election events that address the issues you face in terms of risk management, deploying resources and safety for all – mission critical elements of any election.
  • Discussing why Election Day management solutions should be delivered by a dedicated Election Day software specialist. Modern Polling is a single solution that can be integrated with any EMS but also offers all the functionality you need to be confident of a successful, streamlined Election Day.

We’d love you to join us! Our 2020 webinars were very successful with an impressive number of participants. Don’t miss out – our first webinar in the new series is on Tuesday 19th January at 10.30am and we’ll be hearing from Karen Wiles, Head of Legal & Governance at Aberdeenshire Council. Karen will be sharing her experiences of managing risk on Election day, including recent delivery of a by-election in Aberdeenshire, talking about the COVID measures implemented and insight into how well they worked. 

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Siobhan Donaghy
Chief Executive Officer at Modern Democracy