The Future of Election Day is already here

For whatever reason, many local authorities still have paper-based, high touchpoint, and labour-intensive systems used in the Polling Station on Election Day.

The local authorities we work with already know that the future of Election Day delivery in the Polling Station is not only here, it’s tried, tested, proven, and robust.

Any Election Day solution you choose to use in your Polling Stations should not just be an add on to an Election Management System. The functionality is key to the smooth running of Polling Stations on Election Day: that makes it mission-critical to you, your teams, and the electorate.

Once you dig into the details, there are many reasons to take a look at our Digital Poll Clerk solution, Modern Polling. But even before you do, there is one reason that gives us complete confidence that our solution is the best on the market: it’s the only thing we do.

It’s our only focus for development, so we have considered every challenge and built-in every possible solution.

We’ve made it robust and reliable, on or offline. And, as well as easing the challenges of any Election Day, it can automatically drive digital transformation: a key area for many local authorities. Being paper-free is just the beginning!

To begin with, Modern Polling can be deployed on any iPad and has the highest possible levels of security built-in. It’s also designed to be simple and intuitive for Election Managers and teams. Full training is available, and it is easy and quick to pick up, which takes any further pressure off allocating your time.

We’ve also designed Modern Polling: The Digital Poll Clerk, to be reliable, meaning your team can have confidence throughout the election event.

Technically, uploading all data is seamless, secure, and a user-friendly process. Election Managers can manage staff access and changes easily, allocating and reallocating staff as needed, where they are needed.

Real-time analytics are also available this means that your team can monitor and view turnout at one polling station or them all, measure footfall, and report on statistics like voters reporting to the wrong polling station. Post-election reports can be instantly generated.

Voter check-in is also fully digitised, faster, and friendlier for voters. Your poll clerks will report that it is both easier to use and more efficient. It all adds up to a better voter experience and minimal potential for human error.

So, while others may offer a range of election solutions, our focus on designing, developing, and delivering a digital poll clerk solution, Modern Polling, that meets your needs in every possible way – and benefits from focused technical support from the outset with full training and on Election Day itself.

Modern Polling is also ISO27001 accredited and ITHC compliant

It’s the future of Election Day and it’s already here!


Upcoming Webinar: Managing Risk on Election Day

Our next Webinar is on Tuesday 19th January 2021 @ 10:30 where Karen Wiles, Head of Legal & Governance at Aberdeenshire Council will be sharing her experiences of managing the risk during Election day. Karen has recently delivered a by-election in Aberdeenshire and will be talking through the COVID measures implemented and providing insights into how well they worked. 

If you would like to join our webinars, please sign up.

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Siobhan Donaghy
Chief Executive Officer at Modern Democracy