How Modern Polling has taken the stress out of election day

29th May 2024

How Modern Polling has taken the stress out of election day

By Andy Tiffin, Product Ambassador, Modern Democracy.

There is no doubt about it, running and managing elections is stressful, for those in charge of delivering a smooth polling experience as well as the polling station staff, behind the scenes and meeting with the electorate at the polling station.

And when we speak to our customers about what they consider to be the greatest benefits of using Modern Polling, our cloud-based digital voter check-in and verification platform, among the most common answers is that it has taken the stress out of election day.

Here are just some of the ways that Modern Polling alleviates stress:

  • Oversight – Election managers have total control and complete visibility across multiple sites when using Modern Polling. It means they can make prompt remote clerical amendments and effectively implement the reallocation of resources if required.
  • Human Error – This is virtually eliminated with all poll clerks finding Modern Polling more efficient and easier to use than traditional paper methods, thereby lifting the burden of mistakes, and facilitating the production of the Corresponding Number List and the Ballot Paper Account.
  • Simplicity – We offer full training to all staff before they start to use Modern Polling, many local authorities say it is easy to use, such is the intuitive ‘pick up’ nature of the platform’s user interface.
  • Consistency – Modern Polling ensures a consistent experience across all polling stations where it is implemented. Election staff must go through the same routine with each voter, following the on-screen guidance from check-in and Voter ID verification through to assigning the correct ballot paper.
  • Insight - Real-time analytics provide valuable insight from hourly turnout figures and live ballot paper accounts to station status throughout election day. This enables data driven decisions and the opportunity to identify and remedy bottlenecks for operational efficiency.
  • Instant Reporting – All the required post-election reports can be instantly generated at the close of polls, negating the need for hours of labour-intensive manual recording.
  • Accuracy – Election Managers are safe in the knowledge that reports including Marked Register, CNL (Corresponding Numbers List), VIDEF (Voter Identification Evaluation Form) and others are 100% accurate, with a digital seal guaranteeing their security.

Find out more about what some of our customers have to say about the impact Modern Polling has had on their elections here or talk to us about how we can help take the stress from your election day.